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Road Safety and Rentals was formed in 2011 and subsequently appointed New Zealand distributor for all Saferoads PTY products, the Qstech arrow board range and stockists of the ACZ350 and Quadguard ranges of crash cushions. The Saferoads brand has been in New Zealand for many years, originally as a distributorship and then in branch form, with many of the Saferoads products used in car parks, local authority roads and major projects throughout the country. Road Safety and Rentals continue to deliver the same diverse and innovative range of safety products with the addition of new specialty products from around the world. From its Saferoads rubber traffic calming range such as the humble speed hump (aka the judder bar) right through to the only crash tested bollard found in all of Australasia (the omni stop bollard can be found under the crash cushion heading). You will also find products such as our flexible bollards range and Qstech arrow boards. For instance, products like the snaploc post, safe-hit post and durapost are ideal for roading projects, car parks, factory walkways and delineated safety zones. Our Qstech brand has maintained its standing as the leading arrow board in the New Zealand market and has shown over the years to be a reliable yet simple product. You will find our Qstech arrow boards under the electronic traffic equipment section where a full range of parts is also available.


 Our rentals division offer the Saferoads zone classic and advisor VMS along with the ACZ350 end treatments for hire. The VMS are all equipped with radar capabilities, GPS location services and remote access through a 3G modem. Currently our fleet of advisor VMS comes with a 4 colour display for applications that are great for company logos for point of sale advertising, sales messages or extra attention of drivers at hazardous roadwork’s sites. Message programming and a delivery/deployment service are all included for all our VMS or after a simple deployment briefing you can pick them up yourself. We also offer a delivery/installation service for our ACZ350 end treatments that includes the water for filling and the installation on site. Don’t hesitate to ask about the possibility of rental of any of the products listed on this website, as it maybe something to look into.


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Latest News


Hastings DC has taken delivery of its first container load of Semi Mountable Rubber Kerbing in order to standardise all of their splitter islands throughout the network. Road Safety and Rentals facilitated the delivery of the kerbing through the local maintenance contractor. 

The kerbing was seen as an excellent way to spend the remaining budget of 2013/14 whilst also allowing a regimented upgrade of many intersections thought out the network. The kerbing also offers the flexibility to allow the council to use the stock they now own for other projects which may arise during the current financial year without a major outlay.



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