Blockout Pedestrian Barriers

Blockout Pedestrian Barriers
The Blockout barriers are perfect for all pedestrian requirements. With a very lightweight design for ease of transport and installation.

Each join will allow over 240 Degrees of angle, making it perfect for tight corners. The clever male and female interlocking tabs on the top and bottom of each unit allows for locking during transport or stacking like a brick wall on site up to 1800mm high.
Key Features
  • Standard Colours are Red and White
  • Each join allows for over 240 Degree angling
  • Stackable
  • Water Filled
  • Male and Female interlocking tabs
Height 0.94m
Weight Empty 18 kg
Weight Full 268 kg
Length Installed 1.5m
Water Ballast 250 litres
Colour Red, White
Order Code - White F1301700
Order Code - Red F1301701
  • T-Lok Concrete Barrier
  • IronMan Steel Barrier
  • IronMan Median Gate