T-Lok Concrete Barrier

T-Lok Concrete Barrier
The T-Lok PCB meets all the testing requirements of AS/NZS3845-1999 as a TL-3/100Km/h Redirective Logitudinal Barrier (NCHRP350).

Available in either 3.6 Metre or 5.4 Metre lengths, this barrier offers minimum deflection with maximum available angles at each junction. The Saferoads T-Lok PCB can be used with both gating and non gating end terminals and a range of end treatments. AZC350 and Quadguard approved for use in conjunction in NZ.

The new improved T-Lok Barrier is now complimented with anti debris and anti gawk screens that are fitted firmly to the barrier providing a clean and neat delineation wall from passing traffic.
Key Features
  • Easy Installation.
  • Meets TL 3 Testing Requirements for Re-directive Longitudinal Barriers
  • Bi Directional applications
  • Can accommodate Anti Debris Screens or Delineators.
  • Perfect for use in conjunction with our ACZ350 and Quadguard end treatments
Height 810mm 810mm
Width 600mm 600mm
Length 3.6m 5.4m
Weight 2.6tonne 3.9tonne
Order Code F1303000 F1303001
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  • IronMan Median Gate