Omni Stop Bollards

Omni Stop Bollards
The Omni Stop Bollard is a fully crash tested system capable of stopping a passenger car at 60 km/h from entering an area occupied by pedestrians or diners. At the point of impact of a vehicle, the Omni Stop's energy absorbing cartridge which is at the base of the steel bollard absorbs the energy and safely decelerated the vehicle at a level that is safe for the occupant.This is not the case if the bollard was rigid and offering no movement and flexibility.

The Omni Stop is ideal for offering protection around kerbside dining areas, pedestrian refuges, bus shelters, pedestrian and vehicle interchange areas, Schools and Daycares, high value asset protection, CBD workzone loading bays and urban areas where guardrail is too unsightly or bulky.

Key Features

  • Compliant to AS/NZS3845:1999
  • Will stop passenger vehicles up to 60Kph - Safety aspect for pedestrians and drivers
  • Ideal for protecting outdoor dining, bus/tram stops etc...
  • 360 Degree performance
  • Wide Range of Colours available - PMS number required


Height 1450mm*
Weight 69kg
Diameter 150mm
Order Code F1202003

 * Height above ground is 1015mm


Height 800mm
Weight 28.5kg
Diameter Top 355.6mm   Bottom 165mm
Order Code F1202004


  • ACZ350 End Treatment
  • Quadguard Crash Cushion