Rumble Bars

Rumble Bars
Saferoads Rumble Bars are surface mounted units that provide a visual and audible warning to alert motorists of hazardous conditions ahead. This helps prepare drivers for unusual or unexpected traffic conditions such as construction zones. Suitable for centre line, median, edge marking and line marking traffic islands the Rumble Bars are easily installed and will not crack, chip or break like concrete.

The Rumble Bars are partially constructed from recycled rubber, making the units heavy duty and long wearing and are built to last the most demanding traffic conditions.

The Rumble Bar contours to the road surface, and can be glued or screwed in place.

Key Features

  • Two Sizes Available in Yellow - 25mm and 50mm
  • White is only Available in 25mm
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance once Installed
Height 25mm 50mm
Length 200mm 200mm
Width 385mm 385mm
Weight 2kg 3kg
Colour White & Yellow Yellow Only
Yellow Order Code K1402050 K1402054
White Order Code K1402052 N/A

Road Safety and Rentals choses to use the most effective fastening system for the best results and longest lasting products. A 90mm Mungo Plug is inserted into a drilled 14mm hole along with a 2-3 pumps of two part epoxy. A 120mm stainless steel Coach Screw is screwed into the plug for instant results (installation istructions for each product can be found on the Product Literature Tab). We do offer alternatives to our superior fixing system such as Dyna Bolts for concrete installations or Coach Bolts for a spike in asphalt applications or can supply without faseners for you to source your own. Please feel free enquire about any option.


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