Snaploc Edge Marker Posts

Snaploc Edge Marker Posts
The Snaploc Edge Marker has a durable Urethane Hinge that ensures that the post stands back up even after multiple impacts from any direction.

It is easily installed(please see video in Product Literature Tab) and removed if needs be. The Snaploc Edge Marker is a two part system and comes with a heavy duty galvanized ground socket at 315mm for hard ground applications and 450mm for soft ground.

Mainly utilized in high impact areas, rocky or hard ground applications and those extreme rural situations where return maintenance trips are few and far between.
Key Features
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Multiple options for anchoring
  • Easily removable with tool
  • Outlasts its competitors
  • Replacement cost savings
Installed Height 1000mm
Width 115mm
Thickness 26mm
Weight 1.5kg
Colour White
Snaploc with 315mm Ground Socket K1102007